Sunday, September 26, 2010

VeeSome News - Office Hours

Hello all, VeeSome had its first Office Hours meeting yesterday around the campfire in Mentor's Village hosted by our lovely Tessa Harrington.

Below is a summary of the conversation, some very positive things came from the meeting and we want to thank our VeeSome members for attending.

We Are Growing. It appears from those looking at numbers, our growth rate is about 30% which is a very nice number and there is a hidden secret, yes indeed. Tessa hinted at a hidden secret that is being discussed in the oh so secret office about something that will give our content creators even more goodies to play with. That is all the hint we got, we will have to see what hatches out of the oh so secret vault of SpotON3D.

More exciting news, Tessa is in conversation with one of the larger Gorean communities on Second Life to move to VeeSome. Some of you may not know what this is, some of you do and may have positive or negative opinions about it, however, please keep in mind they will have a place that is theirs and you can choose to visit or keep your distance. It means more creators, roleplayers and shoppers as well!

We would like to thank you, our VeeSome community for alerting the SpotON3D staff to some of the difficulties of the VeeSome and SpotON3D websites. They are being redesigned to be more friendly.

We talked about the upcoming MusicaJam and the fact is is delayed because of the website redesign. MusicaJam will be another Grid that will support the music and media creators.   Entertainers will be able to host live concerts and entertainment. Using the cloud server, they will be able to invite up to 100 people to their events. A tip jar or event fee system is in the works, email  invites based on facebook or gmail address books to automate email invitations, and auto relay to all your social media outlets to extend the potential audience.

Remember,  we are here to help, not only do you have official SpotON3D staff but our community who is wonderful about giving a hand. So please don't be afraid to ask.

Sadly, another member of our community was recently very ill treated on another forum by mentioning SpotON3D, please be aware there is competition between grids and as we all know people can be quite cruel, so be careful where you post. We wish the best to our community member who was hurt over this, and we are here for you.

Our mentors are getting a new name, we will be using PathFinders and I really like it.  It seems the word Mentor's has a little negative shadow hanging on it regarding who is in charge. SpotON3D is managed by Tessa Harrington. She takes care of the big picture and the company direction. Our helpers are here to help the community and pass on the philosophy of the vision for SpotON3D and ensure our new residents are aware of the girds rules and more importantly the reasons behind them so they can be better motivated to follow them. 

The Mac client is well under way and few of our members are testing it.  At this time there is no sound or voice ability, but that is being worked on. Thank you for the feedback about the Mac client, keep letting SpotON3D staff know of any bugs you might come across via our Mantis bug reporting site at

We are watching for Furries with Fur, the upcoming furries were discussed and its is in the final stages of the business end before we start seeing the furries in world. So get those brushes and claw trimmers ready, they are almost out of the corral.

And the final bit of news for this issue is SpotON3D is deciding what additional viewers to support, Hippo will soon be add to the approved list of clint as well as one more viewer that is yet to be determined. We tossed around Imprudence so that's in the running.

Thanks for reading and see you in world.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scribbling on the Chalkboard

We have some news about VeeSome, all good, all fun, all useful.

Take a peek at the VeeSome website it's being updated, let us know what you think. You can post here or drop a notecard in world to myself, Tia Winters or Vince.

We need your help with getting the blog out to others, do us a favor and fling a ping or send an email to your friends, associates. Refer them to the VeeSome website to grab a live feed.

Shout it out, we have voice in world now, it is in alpha testing so might be buggies, have your net handy.

Do you use Mac? We have a world viewer just for you, get it on the download page of VeeSome.

Did you know if you need your own grid separate from VeeSome, called a Private Label Grid, we can provide that to you? For information contact

Trying to find a person or place? Use the search feature in the viewer, its now up and running.

How much SO's (SpotOn Coins) do I have? Look up to the right hand corner of your viewer, its listed there.

Fly free, um, no wait, get your freebie, that's it! Drop by VeeSome Central and click on the decorative box at the entrance of mentors village for your daily freebie.

Hey Tia, I got this thingie I want to give away free in world how do I do it? Well now you can sell items in world for $0.

Oh there is more on the chalkboard but I'm not going to tell you yet, its a secret. You will have to keep reading to find out. Sneaky ha?

If you have news you would like us to include here, please drop a notecard with details to Tia Winters in world. Till later, fair winds to you friends.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Mac is Coming! And other TidBits...

Whats New

Hey Hey folks, we got some great news for those that use a Mac, we now have a Mac Viewer Client in Beta, you can get it at Spoton3D download page here.

Animals Are Coming!

Rumor has it that we are getting furries! Yes indeed a big name on Second Life is opening a store on VeeSome, more news about this soon.

Help Needed

Are you good with OpenSim, do you know your P & Q's in Second Life? We are looking for mentors to help folks with questions and to show them around VeeSome. If you patience, have a good amount of knowledge and a little time please contact Shinmai Sasagawa in world. Oh, I forgot to tell you what you get for it, yes it comes with benefits. In Mentor village you can choose a house you can use as an office, do some demonstration's or even a mini-store. You also get a spot of land off VeeSome Central as a place to relax.

That's A Big Piece of Land!

Did you know we have MegaRegions? What is a MegaRegion? Well its four of our islands glued together to make one huge island. You can get your own Megaregion for the current price of $149.99 a month. There is a demo region you can view in Spoton3D in Aquila.
Megaregions are not like separate regions, they are one large region so there is no hesitation when you move around as you get from going from one region to another. This program is in Beta testing so please, if you wish to try one, be patient and give helpful feedback.
If you are interested please send an email to 

Wrapping it up for today, see you all in world soon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Let's Take a Tour

In this article we invite you to jump into VeeSome, and take a tour with us. It has some really nice areas to explore. Grab your backpack, bottles of water and sun hat and jump in our VeeSome jeep, off we go!

To get to the various locations on our tour, click on the Map button in the world viewer and type in the names as shown below that are in bold font in the search field, then click search, the location will show up in the search results field, then click teleport and off you go.

First stop on our tour is VeeSome Central, this lovely wharf is our welcome center. Here you will find some freebies as well as information on VeeSome. You can also get a cup of some of the best virtual coffee around, careful its very hot.

Near VeeSome Central is our Mentor's Village, a lovely place to stroll under the shade of the tree's. Here VeeSome mentors will flock to assist you with the world, soon you might even see some items, demostrations and learning resources. This is also the home of VeeSome News.

On to a lovely area that will be very popular for shopping, Merchants Isle. This is one of my favorite places. A special note to our wonderful merchants for VeeSome, you can get a display in VeeSome Central or Merchants Isle free of charge. Please contact a staff member if you are interested.

The next stop is the most fantastic club I have ever seen, Club 54, this is more then a dance club its an experience. Music, media and streaming video's make this a must see. The owner is Thoth Jantzen and he has frequent events there.

For those looking for a place to build VeeSome offers two sandboxes for your tinkering delight. VeeSome Sandbox and VeeSome Sandbox GP, which is our general public sandbox. So if your making adult items be sure to use VeeSome Sandbox.

The last stop on our tour for this trip is Grid Gear not only offering a nice variety of clothing for ladies and gents but a very pretty area to look around in as well.

If you have any questions please feel free to add yourself to VeeSome Help Group and ask, a member of staff or one of our friendly residents will be happy to assist you.

If you need help joining the group, click on the Search button in your viewer, then the groups tab of the search window. Then type in VeeSome Help, Search. Click on the VeeSome Help listing, then the Join button.

Thank you for reading and please come in and look around, we would love to have you join the VeeSome family.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time for a CatchUp!

Greetings to all readers. We have some news for you today, be sure to pass it on to your friends or interested parties.

*Lifts up papers* "Let's see here whats first, oh yea me. You have a new voice behind the blogger, my name is Tia Winters in VeeSome and I'm happy to be here writing for our great new social world and the start of it all, our crossroads world, SpotOn3D! Back to the news..."

Tip of the Day: Sellers on SpotOnSynergy, your inventory box can hold up to 49 items. You may use as many inventory boxes as you need, so if that box is filling up, grab another.

Who is doing What: This is a great bit of news for those wanting to learn more about building and scripting. Taff Nouvelle is setting up a academy, so feel free to contact him if you wish to be a student or a teacher, very exciting stuff, I will be taking a scripting class when they are available.

Behind the Curtain: I snuck into the SpotOn3D headquarters and peeked over some shoulders to see what was going on and it looks like the Search for People and Places will be up and running soon with full profile function as well, so think up what you want the world to see and get a pretty picture.

Whats New: We got into a huddle and came up with a new freebie game for all you wonderful folks. Its called Freebie Toss and here is how its going to work. In VeeSome Central you will find a pedestal with a gift box on top. In that cute box will be a new freebie every day and every once in awhile, hold onto your pixels here, there will be a one month free rent coupon!

Do you Do the Duck? Ahh got your attention! Lindy Low and Shinmai Akebono are working on a new AO, it will be called, Quack AO, so we are giving the duck walk back to the duckies, they will be so happy!

You in the News? Well heck of course, we would not be a social world without you! In a few days there will be a house set up in Mentor Village outside of VeeSome Central that will be the news office. If you have an event coming up, new item, any cool news, please drop by and put a notecard in the postbox outside the house or if you peek inside you might find me, Tia, frantically tossing around notecards. 

Do You Know Someone? We have some folks who would love to go furry, so if you know a designer, please send them our way and remember if they are on Second Life they can sell both there and in SpotOnSynergy so nothing to loose and more money to be made! Or *whispers* I've been told there are some really fantastic land sale going on right now and it won't last much longer, might want to check it out. Your own island? Yea!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GridWrap Updates

We have two new Grid Wrap videos from SpotON3D to share.
Please enjoy!

Episode 2:

Livestream import URL

Episode 3:

Livestream URL:

Land Sale Specials Extended, and Experiments with Vehicle Physics.

Land Sales Extended

We are extending our Launch Event land specials. The reception has been very good so far and so we would like to continue offering these special land deals to new residents to VeeSome. No set up fees required during this special offer. Lock in this low price for your regions. The prices will not go up as long as you keep it.

Sovereign Isles: 5k prims - $39.99/month
Merchant Sovereign Isles: 15k prims - $59.99/month

Vehicle Physics

Sunny Salamander has been busy bringing vehicles to the VeeSome grid. He has a working prototype car that drives very smoothly. This combined with a large race track he has laid out on a megasim made for some very fun racing. This is still in the beta test at the moment but will be made available to everyone when he feels it is ready.

Double click to start video

Club 54

Club 54 comes alive with music and video featuring a video-active environment created by Thoth Jantzen. Come join us for weekly events held on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Tuesday 4pm - 6pm Pacific: Mid-week Chill
Fridays 5pm - 8pm Pacific: Digital Degauss
Saturdays 5pm - 8pm: Vulcan Mind Melt

Contact Thoth Jantzen on VeeSome Grid or in Second Life for more information on our weekly lineup.

SpotON3D Client News

New features in the upcoming test client.

- 0000001: [Installer] Installer should detect running viewers
- 0000032: [Voice] Make Viewer switch between Mumble and SLvoice as appropriate
- 0000006: [General] llLoadURL from objects is ignored, if the web sidebar is not shown